Ensuring your SEO success

Is it your desire to take your business to the next level? If yes, you are at the right place. We are Dublin’s best SEO agency. Our Company has been in the industry for a very long time. We not only deliver quality services to our client’s but also help both small and big businesses become more visible on the search engine.

We understand most people find it difficult to find a reliable SEO Company to take care of their needs. Worry not; we are what you have been looking for all this time. Our agency comprises a team of qualified experts to help your website appear on the first search result page, depending on the search keyword.

We have managed to stay among the best search engine optimization Companies not only in Dublin but Ireland as a whole, because of our strict recruitment protocol. All our employees are hired on merit. We strictly counter check their credentials to ensure they are from recognized institutions.

Can Pro SEO ensure you get good rankings?

Our Company is capable and very able to make your website get good rankings on various search engines. Before getting into details on how we can achieve all this, let us understand a few things about search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization can be defined as the use of certain rules to help various website owners achieve improved search engine rankings. In the long run, your website becomes fast, easy to navigate through and user-friendly. This can be achieved through mobile optimization.

As earlier stated, Pro SEO agency has helped many websites; both small and big businesses reach a wider market through this platform.

Here are some ways in which we can help you get good rankings:



Before commencing any task, we schedule a couple of meetings with our clients’ to have an insight idea on what they need. This helps us to ask for clarification on points which are not clear. It also enables us to advise our clients on the appropriate corrections, if they would like to achieve better rankings within a short period.


As earlier stated, our Company has been in this industry for a long period. We have developed unique techniques that have proven a success with previous clients. Search engine optimization fully depends on web traffic on your website. We do everything in our power to attract current and potential clients on your website. We can go to an extent of redesigning our client’s websites if it is the barrier towards high traffic.

Optimizing your website

This is the first thing we do if our clients’ websites are not mobile optimized. Various researchers have revealed many people use their mobile phones to browse. Websites that are not mobile optimized will not achieve high traffics as people find it difficult to visit these sites on their mobile phones.

These are just some ways in which Pro SEO Dublin Company can help your website achieve improved Google rankings.

Why is SEO important for your business?

This question is commonly asked by people who are thinking about using SEO to take their business to the next level. This marketing strategy has proved reliable and can be relied upon to deliver positive results. Here are some ways in which this platform can help improve your business:

Making it more visible

Search engine optimization focuses on making a website become more visible on the Google result page, depending on the searched keyword. A website becomes more visible to potential clients as it gets more improved rankings.Pro SEO Dublin Company has a team of experts capable of making your website visible within a short period.

Cost effective

This is one of the cheapest marketing strategies. Businesses will save a lot of marketing expense if they invest in this strategy. The website will only incur service fee, which is paid only once.

Delivers instant results

Business owners desire to find marketing strategies that deliver instant results. Search engine optimization has proven to deliver faster results compared to traditional forms of marketing. This is one reason you should contact us to take your business to the next level through the use of SEO.

Improves your website

Our experts help clients have a better website that will attract potential clients. This is in terms of content, page layout, navigation, and access.


Why should you contact us?

There is no doubt we are Dublin’s best SEO agency. Here are a few reasons why you should contact us:


As earlier stated, we have been in this industry for a very long time. We have gathered enough skills and experience to handle various tasks. We are one of the few Search engine optimization agencies that can handle various tasks relating to SEO.


Pro SEO has been rated among the most affordable agencies not only in Dublin but the world at large. Please note that our affordable price doesn’t affect the quality of work we deliver to our clients. Contact us today and save a lot of money.


We earlier stated that we have a couple of experts to help us serve our various clients. We always go for qualified experts. That’s not all; our experts handle themselves with a lot of professionalism. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well. Contact us today.


We have a perfect reputation when it comes to delivering quality results within the agreed time frame, unless under unavoidable circumstances. You can confirm this by looking at a couple of testimonials from both our previous and current clients.

Pro SEO is very different from other agencies. We are one of the few institutions that make follow up calls on their clients. This helps to ensure they have achieved their desired targets. You should invest in this marketing strategy because the current business world is becoming digitized. This marketing strategy can make your small business appear bigger because of your Google rankings.


Contact us today and let us deliver potential clients to your doorstep at an affordable price.



Insuring Food Delivery Cars Online

Fast food restaurants that offer delivery services need to maintain timely delivery. Most online takeaway delivery restaurants have purchased high-quality cars to ensure they transport food to their various customers while still hot.

This industry is quite sensitive as customers can refuse to pay if a delivery delays or is in a bad state. Delivery drivers face numerous risks as they transport food to their various customers. These risks range from injuries, accidents, and theft among others.

It is, therefore, necessary for these online takeaway delivery restaurants to insure their delivery cars against such risks. Insurance ensures delivery restaurants continue to operate normally despite the occurrence of certain risks.

Businessmen and women operating delivery restaurants need can be held liable if their drivers get involved in accidents while in the line of duty. This can be worse if they don’t have any motor cover insurance. It is therefore important to ensure all your delivery vehicles are properly insured.


Car Food Safety

All delivering takeaway food services need be not only effective but safely store food as it is being transported to its intended destination. Car safety should be restaurant’s number one priority. This is because it can make a business lose a lot of income because of various factors ranging from delivering orders in bad conditions and drivers getting injured among others.

It is advisable to consult various experts to ensure your Company car meets the safety standards before commencing any form of operation. Risks are very unpredictable. They occur when we least expect them. It is important to be prepared before they strike your business.

Insurance is very important as it serves various purposes, namely:

  • They cover up for any damages and injuries caused by the insured car
  • It covers all the medical expenses in case your driver gets injured
  • It covers all the costs of repairing your car
  • Insurers can replace cars, depending on the type of insurance

In short, car insurance enables you to continue operating even if risks occur. Here are some ways your drivers can reduce certain risks from occurring:

  • Carrying a first aid kit
  • Delivering orders only to houses that appear occupied
  • Carrying around torch to illuminate dark places
  • Parking insecure places
  • Locking and carrying your car keys
  • Equipping your car with an alarm system

There are some Order food online restaurants that guarantee their customer’s full money-back guarantee in cases where orders are delayed. This can result in huge losses. It is important to seek various car insurance policies to cover your vehicles from any unseen risk.

How to find cheap insurance covers for your delivery cars

Most restaurant owners find it difficult to find affordable covers for their online takeaway delivery vehicles. This process isn’t difficult as most people tend to think. A person can hire a broker to help him/her find affordable rates in your town. A broker is a licensed person who helps clients get the best insurance covers. It is their duty to ensure you sign a contract with the selected insurer.

Alternatively, a person can take his/her own initiative to look for a perfect insurer to cover his/her delivery car.

Here are some guidelines that can guide a person when looking for a motor cover:

  • Reputation-Delivering takeaway food service is very complicated as it faces various risks. It is therefore important to look for an insurer who has a perfect reputation when it comes to paying out insured risks. Failure to do so might make you suffer grave losses in case an insurer refuses to pay you. People are advised to go for companies that have been in the industry for a long period.
  • Rates-Every investor is looking for ways to save money. It is advisable to ask for quotes from different companies before choosing the most affordable rates. Please note that companies offer different rates for their motor policies. Before choosing any company, it is advisable to do a background check on them. This is because there have been cases of fake insurance agencies, emerging in the market.
  • Types of covers available-Different agencies offer different types of cover. It is up to you to look for a perfect agency that offers the insurance policy you are looking for.

Here are some ways that you can ensure you get cheap rates from your insurers:

  • Taking more than one cover with the same company. Every insurance Company loves clients who have multiple insurance policies with them. Most of these Companies reward such clients by reducing their premium rates.
  • Paying premiums annually instead of monthly. This criterion is only suitable for those who can afford to pay their rates annually. It has been proved that paying premiums annually might get your rates lowered compared to monthly payments.
  • Insuring your delivery car with the same agency for a long period. All insurance agencies reward their loyal customers by either reducing their insurance rates or giving out rewards
  • Paying out the most of the insurance policy. When you cover most of the insurance cost, you will definitely get a cheaper policy. A person should not cover his car more than its initial cost.
  • Purchasing cheaper cars- Policies vary depending on the kind of car you are driving. A person should purchase cheap cars if he/she would like an affordable policy.

Based on the above information, it is evident that insurance policies for your delivery cars are very important.  If you are planning to open an order food online restaurant, the insurance policy should be your number one priority if you want your business to be successful. Most delivery drivers prefer working for restaurants that have insurance policies to cover them in case risks occur while they are delivering orders.

Delivery cars and motors need to be driven fast so that they meet the given guidelines by the client. Use the above information to take your business to the next level and improve the customer care experience.

Get the Best Business Insurance Today

Insurance is very vital as it helps businesses in many ways. Insurance companies, mostly cover various risks which have a high possibility of occurring as companies carry out their daily activities. Enterprises have their own risks, which if they occur can greatly damage a company financially and disrupt the normal functioning of a company.

Business insurance policies cover companies from such risks. Finding the right insurance policy can be can be really difficult as it takes a lot of time to compare the different quotes from various companies before choosing the most suitable one.

Before choosing any insurer, it is important to use the following criteria as there are many fake companies on the market:


It is important to research on how long the company has been in the industry. This criterion might be helpful when it comes to picking pointing fake ones. It is always advisable to go for ones which have been in the cover for enterprises industry for a very long period of time.


There are many policies which businesses can apply for. It is important for you to do a background check on the companies which offer the insurance policies they need. They should go for policies which are suitable for the kind of business or activity they engage themselves in.


Best business insurance companies have a good reputation when it comes to paying off damages. There are some other which have a problem when it comes to paying agencies which have suffered from an insured risk. It is always advisable to avoid such firms.


Quotes help determine the amount of money a company will pay to an insurance company on a regular interval. Each one has its own price. To get the best business insurance today, it is advisable to go for a company which your firm can comfortably afford to pay the premium without straining.

Insurance policies are important for both small and big companies. Here are some advantages of insuring your business with a reputable firm:

  • Insurance companies will help a business cater for the damages which occurred as a result of an insured risk.
  • It enables businesses to continue operating normally even after the occurrence of a risk. This is because the insurance company puts the business back onto its feet.
  • It gives various companies the courage to venture into risky businesses which have a lot of profit knowing that someone has their back in case an accident occurs.
  • The business is not liable for the expenses caused by the party since the agency will cater for the expenses.

It is easy to get a good business policy, you should always check the law.

That can be done at Law Society Ireland’s website.

Business insurance brokers

Business insurance brokers can be categorised as agents who help businesses get the best policies in town at very affordable rates. They can serve both small and big companies. Using brokers is one of the most common methods used by businesses to get the best policies in town. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Here are some characteristics of a good broker :


A good insurance broker should be affordable since policies are very expensive. Affordable agencies always attract a lot of clients from all over.


Secondly, they should have effective techniques that will their various clients easily get the best cover around. It is the work of a broker to ensure his/her client gets the best deal.


A good broker should have been in the industry for a long period. This gives clients a guarantee that the company has employed qualified workers who have experience.

Job success rate

They must prove they have successfully helped previous clients get the best business insurance policies for their various enterprises. If they have a high success rate, there is a high possibility that you will also get the best cover suitable for your company.

Apart from using insurance business brokers to get the policies, there are other methods which a firm can use to ensure they get the best rates possible. Here are some ways in which a business can get the best cover:


The insuring of various business risks with an insurance company for a very long period will get your premium rates reduced. They always appreciate their loyal customers by offering them various offers. This method has proved to be successful for many years.

Insuring many policies with the same company

It can be stressful insuring various policies with different agencies. This is because it consumes a lot of time moving from one company to another. The insuring of various risks with the same risk can get your premiums reduced by a significant amount. In such cases, it is advisable to choose an agency that covers all your needs.


The deductible is the amount a firm pays to an insurance company for a certain policy. A high deductible rate can make your premium very affordable. The company is responsible for paying the entire deductible rate. This method should only be applied by well-established agencies which can pay high deductible rates without straining. They are not advised to pay high rates exceeding the amount of the business. This is because they only cover the damages caused and will not give out any amount exceeding that of the damages.


A point reaches where a business qualifies for certain offers which might result to them getting the best of the insurance policy. In cases where a firm doesn’t qualify for a certain offer, it is advisable to ask for tips on how to qualify for such offers. Offers are mostly offered to two types; those that have been their loyal customers for a very long period and secondly those that more than one policy in the same insurers.

How to get a Home Insurance Quotation

Your residence is among your largest and most valued investments. As such, you need Home Insurance Quotes from reliable and affordable insurers to protect your residence and your loved ones from perils and loss. We are talking dwelling coverage, flood, theft and natural disasters all on a budget. But how do you get a proper quote from a reputable and honest insurer? What things can you learn from the quote about the business to help you choose the best deal? Read on to learn some useful skills that will come in handy when getting affordable insurance quotations from reputable insurers.

Who says you have to incur the full cost of these covers? There are several discounts that you might actually be eligible for which might help reduce your premiums significantly. But seriously, if you don’t even know they are there, so you never ask, they never tell.

When you first applied for policy with your current homeowners’ insurer, for example, Quote Devil, you most probably were eligible for some basic discounts and your agent was sure to ask you some questions to evaluate your eligibility when giving your first Home insurance Quote.

When it is finally time to renew your policy, your agents don’t feel obliged to re-evaluate your discount eligibility anymore. It is thus imperative that you remain on top of things knowing what you deserve and not afraid to claim your waivers. Check out Insurance Ireland for more info.

Below are five ways you can lower your overall costs with the best Cheap Insurance for your property.

  1. 1. Bundle several policies with one provider

As with most other industries, insurers often reward the loyalty of their customers. It is, therefore, a good idea to carry several policies with the same insurer to qualify for some discounts.

Getting all your policies from the same provider could prove advantageous because you have an easier time understanding how all claims and other transactions are handled. What is more, you need the consistency and everything. Sometimes it can prove difficult to go after several insurance companies when the loss occurs.

Generally, you stand to save up to 30% when you bundle your policies from the same provider.

  1. Go with a higher deductible

The deductible refers to the amount of loss that you agree to cover for from your own pocket before the policy kicks in. Normally this is set to some small amount by default, but you can opt for a larger sum and thus reduce the likelihood that you are going to need reimbursement.

When you choose a high deductible, your insurer will certainly reward you for it with lower premiums. However, it is important that I lay emphasis on the fact that a high-deductible reduces your chances of proper compensation for your loss particularly if the loss is smaller than your deductible.

High deductibles only make sense when insuring million dollar dwelling. Also, if you are feeling pretty confident that you are not about to incur a loss, you can get your deductible through the roof to get the lowest premiums possible.

  1. Install security and fire alarm systems

Investing in a state of the art smart home security system will not only improve the value of your house but also reduce your coverage costs by up to 10 percent. When your burglary or fire alarm system is wired to the central station, you have a minimised risk of loss to fire or theft and as such are eligible for smaller premiums.

It should be noted here that the discount on your premiums is dependent on your provider and their assessment of the security system. It is wise to consult with your agent before making improvements to your current security systems.

  1. Be loyal

Nowadays insurers are throwing life cover into the mix so you should try and remain their customer for as long as possible. Your loyalty as a customer could potentially save you a bundle in your homeowner’s coverage. We are talking anywhere from 5 t0 10 percent savings after just five years of being the loyal customer you intend to be. The amount of savings if any depends on your choice of insurer.

  1. Do you have good credit?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, good credit means good tidings for all. Your insurer is most certainly impressed with your good credit not because they want to lend you some money but because there is a correlation between bad credit and making claims. Your provider knows that with good credit you are less likely to make a claim in the future and they are banking on it, so you pay less.

Obviously, you should pick your providers wisely if you are to enjoy the fruits of your hard earned credit score. Each insurer has their method of using your credit score and that of your spouse to rate your premiums so shop around.

Bonus: Disaster-prep your property

Retrofitting your building in readiness for a disaster will take something sizable off your premiums. You should consult with your agent to find out what standards of construction they expect to consider your house secure in the event of hurricanes and such. This is perhaps the best way to reduce your premiums while in fact securing your crib and your loved ones with a fresh new layer of protection. Your insurer will have more security knowing that you are less likely to make a claim for loss and they are sure to reward for it with up to 20 percent savings on premium dollars. Wikipedia insurance guide.

In conclusion, it all boils down to two things, a good credit and being a loyal customer. These two qualities will excite the mind of any insurer and will get you the best Home Insurance Quotes. Whether you are new to owning real estate or you are an experienced real estate mogul, now you know how you can get your hands on a reliable cover for cheap. Taking advantage of the above forms of discounts will help you get Cheap Insurance for your home. For 2017 and beyond Deloitte may give you the heads up on regulations coming.

Looking for a broker try here IBA.